LOCATION: Holland Park 1, Londra
YEAR: 2017
SURFACE AREA: 580 sq.mtrs.


The sober elegance of a 19th-century London residence contains the exuberant sophistication of a project that cleverly manages to blend the charm of the past with the appeal of the contemporary.  Fascinating chromatic solutions and decorative allegria carry the same importance as the elegance given to architectural solutions. The custom design goes as far as to include the design of the door jambs and ceiling decoration. Contemporary furnishings, custom designed and made by the best Italian artisans combine with antique furniture in sensuous contrast. The radiance of brass and cooper enhance the material aspect of iron and the oak parquet while the soft velvet, fragranced leather, luxurious crocodile skin coexist cosily with flannel. On all six floors of the residence luxury is celebrated, with the furnishings, finishing touches as well as with the presence of an environment capable of providing maximum comfort, such as an in-house cinema, swimming pool and sauna.