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A luxury brand that withstands the test of time: handcrafted and custom-made - these are the principle concepts that guide Maii Interiors.

Maii offers full interior design and property management services. Working with expert partners in the field, we provide client support throughout the search, identification and acquisition of a property.

Materials and furnishings are meticulously elaborated by our team of skilled Italian artisans to meet Maii’s uncompromising standards for quality and aesthetics, and desire to create a perfect synergy between balance, function and comfort.

Maii creates luxury environments that reflect the uniqueness of those who live there.


Federica Squillante Montoro


Born in Rome 1964, married with four children. Federica Squillante Montoro enjoyed a peaceful yet uncharacteristic childhood. Her father at thirty-four years of age decided to change the focus of his medical practice and move the family to Mato Grosso Brazil. The early months were lived provisionally, somewhat akin to that of the indigenous population. Efficiencies had to be set up and respectfully managed – attention was given to the organization of space. Upon her return to Rome to complete her studies, she pursued her ideas and passion for interior design, sharing with others that which had for years been incubating her head. Her choice in the use of natural materials that have not undergone treatment; cooper, iron, leather, wood, wool, linen, etc… Interiors treated with luminosity, airiness, comfort and simplicity - basic concepts of well-being which, over time have been solidified in her work and become a part of her style. Her aim is to create and deliver a product that represents an ideal reflection of the characteristics intrinsic to each individual client.

Mario Galleri


Born in Sardinia 1970. After having attended the Naval Academy of Livorno and the Faculty of Engineering in Cagliari, Sardinia he graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Essential to his personal and professional development has been work experiences obtained abroad in countries such as Albania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda and Lebanon, where as the company’s only referent, he was tasked with planning and implementing operations with the local workforce. Since 2006 been active in Project Management, Director of Operation and Security Coordination, Technical consultancy on safety in the workplace and plant facilities. Collaboration with major service companies has only increased his experience in managing challenging projects.

Alida D'Ambra


Enrica Maria Ludovica Graziani

Project Department

Marialuigia Petroccia


Vincenzo Capogna

Project Department

Victoria Ericks

International business development consultant

Alfonso Ridolfi

International business development consultant

Diego Mannino

Construction Coordinator

Benedicta Mariani

Secretary and Purchasing Department


So much more than Interior Design.

Our goal is to create timeless environments while maximising space potential, paying attention to budget and the implementation of time.

Every aspect of the production process is rigorously followed and monitored by Maii Interiors, from design concept of space planning, to the specifications for custom-made furnishings, up to the completion of the design journey: consignment and installation. Maii also offers full property management services.
Property Consultancy
Property Search
Property Management
Technical and legal consultancy Financial advisory Services
Property Investment Evaluation
Architectural and engineering planning & interior design
3D and video presentation of design projects
Selection and proposal of materials from ateliers of our artisans, and the showrooms of supply partners
Custom furnishings
Technical-economic evaluation of estimates from suppliers
Overseeing and management of orders to suppliers and shipments to the work site
Budget Management and Project management
Project progress report at or during all phases