LOCATION: Notre Dame 1, Paris
YEAR: 2018
SURFACE AREA: 38 sq.mtrs.


The maid’s chambre (chambre de bonne) situated in a seventeenth century palace located along the
Seine at Pont Neuf, near the flower and bird markets, is at the logistical core of this project. It was
fundamental to understand the residential character the location embodied in order re-awaken it once
again. The attic was covered under a false ceiling that hid wooden trusses – the demolishment of which
recuperated the height necessary to render the space liveable, but also allowed the atmosphere of the
neighbourhood to be integrated into our design and restoration scheme, that transformed a crumbling
and unattended environment into a luminous and joyful space. The fabrics in nuanced shades of green
and turquoise, like fresh brushstrokes interplay with the slender elements of brass and iron furniture
crafted by our Italian artisans. The meticulous task of cleaning the beams, the elegant choice of
industrial chic in the furnishings, in the textures and with the colour tones, define a fully functional space
that despite the small dimensions of the pied-à-terre, retains above all, its charm.