LOCATION: Notre Dame 2, Paris
YEAR: 2017
SURFACE AREA: 40 sq.mtrs.


The project transformed the floorplan of a typical Parisian apartment into an elegant suite. The
ambience contained within the site called for the intervention of our expert artisans, who from our
design plan, created a tailored, custom made space that guarantees functionality and versatility while
bringing out maximum comfort and charm. A wardrobe storage detailed in brass embellishes the walls,
this feature, together with the mirrored armoire and iron window scores, gift an intimacy to the bedroom
while also adding expansion to the space. The slate blue reflection from the roof of
the Conciergerie palace in the background echoes the cobalt blue of upholstery, accessorized with
cushions in golden motifs that uncoil in a decorative thread of complementary embellishment. The
same golden thread takes on a three-dimensionality in the brass and velvet armchair, a perfect fusion
between our care, design originality and the competence of our team.